1st Line IT Support, Sunderland (Head Office)

Position posted on 2018-04-16 12:03:16

Hours: 37.5 hours

Salary: £18,000

Reporting Relationships:                            

Reports to IT Support Manager and ultimately the Head of IT. Liaises as appropriate with other Branch,

Warehouse, After-sales and Head Office Personnel. Maintains appropriate working relationships with

3rd party suppliers.


Role Summary:                 

The role of the 1st Line IT Support Desk is seen as the focal point of the IT Department and the primary IT

contact for ScS and as such, an image of competence and efficiency must be projected. The role can be broadly

divided into two aspects, Support and Admin:



User problems ideally are to be dealt with at first contact, but where that is not possible the 1st Line IT Support Desk representative must ensure the logging and efficient escalation of all fault calls through to the IT Team and ultimately the IT Support Manager or Head of IT. Keeping the user informed of all progress & developments is a vital part of the fault management process.



The role involves important monitoring and housekeeping duties that will have a direct impact upon mission critical systems downtime as well as the recording and tracking of all IT assets. These duties must be carried out in a controlled and systematic manner.


Core Performance Areas:

Fault Management

  • Review and monitor all faults / tasks that arrive through the IT Support ticketing system and log tickets for calls received by telephone.
  • Ensure tickets are responded to, updated and allocated to appropriate team members as necessary.
  • Provide 1st line support and handle escalation to other team members and where appropriate to the IT Support Manager or Head of IT.
  • Manage calls escalated through 3rd parties.
  • Ensure that users are provided with initial call reference information, followed by full and regular ticket status updates.
  • Continually monitor and assess internal procedures, proposing improvements whenever relevant.
  • Ensure that user surveys are promoted and that users are encouraged to complete these; to provide ongoing feedback on user satisfaction and IT process improvement.



  • Creation & maintenance of user ID’s in accordance with IT and HR policy.
  • Perform the tasks set out in the system daily checks procedure and escalate any abnormalities to 3rd parties and the IT Support Manager / Head of IT.



  • Ensure appropriate lines of communication are maintained with relevant parties in line with the needs of the business

Asset Management

  • Ensure that all assets are recorded into the database and the information is a true reflection of IT assets within the Company



  • Maintains systems for the effective control of stock within the Department to ensure monitoring of stock levels takes place.
  • Ensure ready supply of IT consumables.
  • Ensure adequate supply of backup media.
  • Obtain all required quotes whilst ensuring best price / quality balance.
  • Arrange Purchase orders and deliveries.
  • Ensure all equipment is ready and available for branch / warehouse openings.
  • Ensure ready supply of spare peripherals (mouse, keyboards etc.).
  • Preparation of new and used PC’s to standard build specifications.

Project Work

  • Undertake given projects ensuring that project objectives are managed in accordance with specified deadlines.


Personal Qualities:

  • Demonstrates excellent communication and interpersonal skills in a customer focussed environment.
  • Exceptional organisational skills and attentive to detail.
  • Demonstrates a record of successfully achieving and exceeding targets and objectives.
  • Strives to achieve consistently high levels of service.
  • Maintains a consistently smart and professional image.
  • Illustrates the ability to effectively contribute in a team environment.

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